Electro Maax Super High Output Marine Alternators

ElectroMaax DIY Base Utility 12/24 Volt 200GPD Marine Watermaker

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10.00 LBS


  • Extremely quiet
  • Super high-output product water
  • Most energy efficient system on the market
  • Lowest possible TDS (total dissolved solids) obtainable
  • Compact with a single 21″ membrane
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Very easy DIY install, electrically and mechanically, in either 12/24 V
  • Super light-weight and extremely compact
  • No proprietary consumables
  • Military grade components utilizing Titanium components in critical areas allowing higher pressure resulting in higher output

Introducing our latest 12/24 V DIY energy recovery marine watermaker and packaged parts. This watermaker is tailored for boat and yacht owners with a passion for racing and DIY cruising. It’s designed for those who value lightweight, simplicity, quiet operation, energy efficiency, compact design, and high-quality fresh water.

The watermaker’s component construction ensures reliability, making it an ideal choice for both race enthusiasts and leisurely yachtsmen. Drawing on the best features of our Solarmaax range, this DIY package delivers outstanding performance that will meet or exceed your expectations.

This models is ideal for someone who already has an old watermaker and is looking to upgrade or replace it.

Included in this package are all the essential components needed to upgrade an existing high-energy consumption watermaker, or replace your own system yourself, with detailed instructions on integrating energy-efficient parts to optimize performance and reduce overall operational costs.

Included in This Watermaker Model

  • 1 enhanced 10% Clark pump
  • 1 super compact 21” pressure vessel and membrane
  • 2 end-caps
  • 2 retention rings
  • 1 12/24 V Aquatec 1.4 GPH boost pump
  • 2 high input/output high pressure hoses (1000 psi)
  • 1 accumulator tank (stabilizes the pressure)

NOTE: this model does not include the Control Panel with Auto Flush and plumbing components found in other Solarmaax models.

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ElectroMaax DIY Base Utility 12/24 Volt 200GPD Marine Watermaker
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