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Wexco Sealed 4A Series Wiper Motors 12v

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These high torque (13.7 ft-lb) waterproof/sealed wiper motors are ideal for pushing pantograph wiper arms - which are typically longer and heavier than their radial counterparts.

4A Sealed Marine Wiper Motors offer extremely reliable performance. With 13.7 ft-lb (18 N·m) of torque - the highest in their class, they can drive pantograph arms and blades up to 24" with less effort, generating less motor-killing heat.
They can be adjusted to left hand or right hand park, and to wipe angles from 40° to 110° in 10 degree increments.
Convenient color coded wiring for high speed, low speed, park, and ground, makes for easy installation.

This motor features a finely finished, good looking aluminum cover with integral cooling fins for a longer motor life. In fact, this motor looks so good that most owners save money by foregoing the purchase of an additional wiper motor "cosmetic" cover.

NOTE — 4A motors are available in several choices of factory pre-set sweep angles.
Fisheries stocks the version which is pre-set to the 80° sweep angle preferred for use with pantograph wiper arms. (Note the "80" in each part number.)
However, ANY 4A motor , regardless of the factory pre-set can be adjusted for sweep angles from 40 to 110 degrees for either pantograph or radial arm applications.
So don't be thrown off if you use a Wexco factory catalog and only see 110 part numbers - 80 or 110, they're all the exact same motor.

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Wexco Sealed 4A Series Wiper Motors 12v
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